Enter the ancient land of Ashtaar, where elite Warriors Train and Battle for $HONOR! Engulfed in a century of conflict, tensions rise as a new enemy, the fearsome Samsar descend upon the nations of Kiroh, Shiryo, Midsurin, Yama, and Engan. These dark warriors wield fel powers and are rumored to be capable of stealing aspiring warriors… Are you brave enough to stand against their might? Will you FLEE or will you FIGHT?

Shadow Quest is the next generation in NFT Staking games. 9,996 Gen0 Warriors assemble for war on the Ethereum blockchain! Of this collection, 999 NFTs will be dreaded Samsar warriors, capable of stealing $HONOR and Gen1 warrior mints! These hand drawn anime inspired NFTs possess: Skill, Speed, Strength, Magic, and Health; attributes which will factor into their performance in various staking locations.

$HONOR tokenomics

$HONOR is an ERC-20 token created by Shadow Quest NFT.

  • 1 $HONOR = 1 $HONOR
  • The maximum $HONOR in circulation is 5,000,000,000 $HONOR.
  • As circulating supply rises, the staking “faucet” is reduced so that we approach 5,000,000,000 in a controlled manner.
  • Any $HONOR that is spent (by minting Gen1s, purchasing Items, etc) will be re-released into the staking locations to maintain a circular closed economy.
  • The community will receive 5% of $HONOR that is spent, which will be distributed in the form of Community Rewards and Prizes.
  • The developers will receive 5% of $HONOR that is spent.
The goal is to grow to develop an innovative, stable, self-sustaining, circular $HONOR economy that will form the foundations of a thriving $HONOR economy for Arc II.

Introducing: ERC-721:SHADOW

We are proud to announce the brand new super-optimised ERC-721:Shadow contract. Built entirely from scratch (and therefore not a fork) this innovation pushes the efficiency of minting to the limits. The contract encodes all the necessary information into an ingenious 256-bit token OwnerState which minimizes gas usage on the blockchain.

This means that gas fees are dramatically reduced: Minting gas is reduced by 68% compared to the “Normal” ERC-721 contract. As an example, if gwei = 120 and eth = $3,200, then:

  • Normal ERC-721 costs $67 to mint
  • ERC-721:Shadow costs $21 to mint
Where this contract really comes into its own, is with multiple mints; gas usage will only increase incrementally with each extra mint in a single transaction. As a result, if 5 Warriors are minted in one transaction, then the total cost will be $23. Less than $5 gas paid per NFT. Our record is minting 96 NFTs for under $19 - which is less than $0.2 gas paid per NFT

Additionally optimisation has been built into the staking side resulting in minting costs reduced by 50% to ensure game playability is improved.

See the medium article here for more information.


Contract Addresses

It will only be possible to mint Shadow Quest warriors through the UI on the website. To improve security it will not be possible to interact directly with the ShadowQuest contracts on Etherscan.

Minting a Force


You have a 90% chance of minting a Warrior, each with unique art, attributes, and stats.

Your stats will be compared with the other Warriors in the Battlefield, if your stats are better than average, then your skills impress others and you will earn more $HONOR per hour. If you choose to FIGHT the Samsar, then your stats are compared with the average stats of the staked Samsar in the Battlefield.

Warrior Actions:



The better your stats, the more likely you are to win your FIGHTs and double your $HONOR! When a Warrior wins a FIGHT against the Samsar it is recorded in the annals of history. By the end of every week, whichever Warrior is top of the Leaderboard by winning the most FIGHTs that week, will be bestowed with a glorious prize of 100k $HONOR!


You have a 10% chance of minting a Samsar, each with unique art, attributes, and stats. The higher your stats compared to the rest of the staked Samsar:

  • The higher the portion of dropped battle $HONOR that your Samsar earns, and
  • The higher chance of stealing a newly minted Gen1 Warrior or Samsar.

Only staked Samsar are able to steal new mints or claim the $HONOR drops.


Next-Generation P2E Game

The Shadow Quest game is played through the map of Ashtaar on the home page.

There are numerous icons which either provide extra information into the vast (and constantly growing) Shadow Quest world, or serve as functional locations which you can interact with the game through.

This paper will go through the following interactive locations:

  • Home
  • Jester
  • Training Ground
  • Battlefield
  • Dojo
  • Bank
  • Armory
  • Emporium
  • Research Centre


Here you can see your warriors, Inventory, $HONOR, and anything else you have collected on your adventure.

It will also include the Leaderboards for $HONOR and Shards.


The Jester is your guide to this world and will help direct you on your journey!

Occasionally there may be intriguing information and news of Ashtaar events that only a treasured Jester of the court may be privy to. If you’re lucky the Jester may share some juicy whisperings with you…


As soon as you have your Shadow Quest NFT Warrior you may stake in the Training Grounds where you will earn a steady and safe 3,000 $HONOR/day.

If you are lucky enough to mint a Samsar, then you can also stake your Samsar here to earn $HONOR.

$HONOR earned here is safe and goes straight into your "Stash".


If you feel you are ready for Glory, then you may spend $HONOR to acquire your Battle Orders and unlock the Battlefield as a new staking location.

Stake your warrior in the Battlefield to BATTLE the Samsar and earn up to 1,000 $HONOR/hour.

The amount of $HONOR you earn each hour will depend on several factors including:

  • Your warrior’s stats
  • The quality of the other warriors staked in the Battlefield
  • The tide of Battle
In the heat of Battle, any $HONOR earned on the Battlefield goes into the staked warrior’s “Pocket” (note this is different to your safe Stash).

Any $HONOR in the pocket is unsafe, and cannot be spent. Warriors must leave the Battlefield in order to “Store” the $HONOR to be able to use it. In other words, to Store means to move $HONOR from “Pocket” (risky) to “Stash” (safe).

Storing can be done in two ways:
  • FLEE the Battlefield. Fleeing the battlefield means that you drop 20% of the $HONOR you accumulated in your Pocket whilst battling- This 20% is collected by the Samsar that are also staked in the Battlefield and distributed amongst them according to their own stats. 80% is safely sent to the Warrior’s Stash. OR...
  • FIGHT the Samsar!

If you:
  • WIN a FIGHT against the Samsar, then your bravery and skill doubles the $HONOR in your Pocket and allows you to store 100% of it! You may also acquire unknown treasures.
  • However, if you LOSE the FIGHT, then you will also lose all the $HONOR you accumulated in your Pocket.

Your chance of winning a FIGHT against a Samsar depends on several factors:
  • Your warrior’s stats
  • The stats of the Samsar staked in the Battlefield
  • The tide of Battle

There will be glorious rewards for those who show grit and remain in the Battlefield.

To account for the vast travel distances in Ashtaar, minimum staking time is 6 hours.

Note that each Warrior NFT has their own dedicated Pocket. But a Holder has only one communal Stash. So if a Holder has several Warriors, their warriors Store their Pocket $HONOR in the single Stash managed by the Holder.

Staking costs gas, but all other actions (BATTLE, FIGHT, FLEE, STORE) are off-chain and do not cost any gas.



The Dojo is available by acquiring and burning 1 Glory.

Here you can pay $HONOR to mint a Gen1 Warrior.

There will be 18,000 Gen1 warriors available to mint, of which 10% will be Samsar.

The $HONOR cost of minting a Gen1 warrior starts at 20,000 $HONOR, and increases by 4 $HONOR with each Gen1 warrior minted.

There is a 10% chance that a newly minted Gen1 is taken by the chaos and stolen from you. This stolen Gen1 will be given to a fortunate Samsar holder.

Mint a new Gen1 Warrior using $HONORThere is a 10% chance the new NFT will be a fearsome Samsar!10% chance that a newly minted Warrior or Samsar is stolen by a staked Samsar.


The Bank will be available, and will have to be unlocked by paying $HONOR to open a Bank Account here.

The Bank is the link between the off-chain and on-chain. To reduce gas fees and improve game enjoyment, all the Items in the game and $HONOR earned (and lost), will be created off-chain. After paying a 12% banking fee, $HONOR can be brought on-chain by exporting it through the Bank.

$HONOR will be an ERC-20 coin that can be Exported (and Imported) from your Ashtaar Stash to your wallet.

Note that bringing $HONOR on-chain will result in gas fees.


The Armoury is unlockable by burning 3 Glories + 1 Shard.

Here you can pay $HONOR to buy a Weapons which add to your Warrior’s stats

You can also pay $HONOR to buy Armor which will protect you and reduce your losses if you flee from the Battlefield.

Each warrior will only be able to wield 2 weapons and carry 1 armor.


The Emporium is unlockable by burning 4 Glories + 1 Shard.

Pay $HONOR to buy dubious untested potions which may aid in your fights against the Samsar. Surely too many potions could be toxic?

What other magical artefacts are waiting to be unleashed?


The Research Centre is currently under construction, but will require at least 1 Medal of HONOR to unlock.

New Weapons, Armor, Trinkets, and Potions can be researched as well as potential New Prospects and Locations that are yet to be uncovered and deciphered…

What we’re building

NFT risk has only started being explored, and we are building on recent advances to provide more opportunities for holders. ShadowQuest will open the gateway and then push the boundaries for more interactive decision making strategies that incorporate market dynamics, game theory, and tokenomics.

We are combining the best aspects of the NFT world to provide the greatest value and experience for all holders.

  • We are generating high quality hand-drawn art for each Warrior backed by incredible community-written lore,
  • We are incorporating NFT risk metrics for an exciting gaming experience,
  • We are pushing the boundaries on game mechanics to enable holders to strategically improve their NFTs, implementing future interlocking benefits to the new $HONOR tokenomics.
  • We are growing a community that supports each other and celebrates new art, writing, and technological advances together!

We are fortunate to have devs that are experienced NFT coders and will be using upgradeable contracts that will enable us to have the most optimized and efficient smart contracts to keep gas costs as low as possible, and smoothly add extra functionality and interesting features to the game!

In conclusion...

In Shadow Quest you make the decisions on how much risk you are willing to take. Do you play it safe and earn steady rewards in the Training round? Or will you become Legend and FIGHT for $HONOR in the brutal Battlefield?! Perhaps you’re willing to risk even more and challenge the Samsar in an epic final battle, double or nothing will you lose your $HONOR or will you emerge Victorious?!

Whatever your style, we hope you'll enjoy the game, the art, the lore, and the community! We have so much to offer, an awesome roadmap to push the boundaries of what is possible for NFT gaming, and big dreams that we're excited to share with you!

Who knows where this adventure will take us!